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Blog Hop

Tomorrow is the beginning of my blog hop! We’ll visit seven blogs and then come back around to mine at the end. 

Below are the blogs involved and the posts I wrote for each one:

7/20 Shh Moms Reading: Touchy Subject Alert: Love Triangles

7/21 A.K.A. The Book Harlots Review: Q&A

7/22 Three Chicks and Their Books: Interview

7/23 Word: Pet Peeves

7/24 Bookslapped: Me Vs. The Heroines I Create

7/25 Wolfel’s World of Books: Maybe Maby Voicemails

7/26 Reading Books Like a Boss: Inspiration While Writing Maybe Maby

7/27 Back here for: Catchphrase-OCD

Come join us, it’ll be fun. :)