Episode 13 pt. 2 - Kennedy Ryan

"I feel like sometimes we pussyfoot around real things–we walk on eggshells–and when we do that, it’s not productive because we’re not having conversations around truth. We’re having conversations around only those things that we feel comfortable bringing out.

Some of my books are not necessarily 'interracial,' but all of my books have diversity. That is a part of my mission as a writer—to reflect culture as I see it actually." - Kennedy Ryan

Episode 12 - K Bromberg

"I love getting lost in a world that is in my head, and being able to let other people see it. There’s always something real in my books, and I like that that affects people. It’s not something you set out to do, but when you get that letter or that email and it just kind of hits you in the gut that, 'hey, someone gets it'—I guess that, more than anything, is the inspiration." - K Bromberg