Episode 2 - Author Rachel Van Dyken

Willow meets author Rachel Van Dyken for the first time and feels an immediate connection. Rachel shares her thoughts about working with PassionFlix and her disciplined writing process. The two compare notes on their mutual interests and identically named dogs and spouses.

Even though I do have an artistic type of personality, I’m more of like, a control freak. So I’m not really easy, laid-back, like ‘Oh, look at the wind, it’s so nice—and there’s rain!’ No, I’m in control. Like it’s hard for me to fly on planes, ‘cause I feel like I can fly it better, even though I’ve never taken a lesson in my entire life.

As an author, you control your world all the time. But you control the world you create. So, when I can’t control the world I’m in, I’m like, ‘What’s happening? Why can’t I make this happen?’
— Rachel Van Dyken