A Time to Weep, and a Time to Laugh

As soon as I committed to write a blog post a couple times a week, the heavens opened and all kinds of drama, heartache, and wonderfulness ensued.

I'll give you the bullet points.

I've recently changed my diet completely and am feeling SO much better!

My husband is wrapping up a project he's worked on for a couple of years. 

We went to a wedding and saw people we hadn't seen in forever. And we survived. No, really, I wasn't sure we would.

Our niece and her four kids had a fire in the house they just moved into a couple months ago. They lost everything, including their beloved dog. She runs a daycare out of her home, so everything is uncertain. 

A new beautiful baby nephew was born.

To say that we've gone through the full gamut of emotions would be putting it lightly. It's just a reminder to me to hold onto every good moment that comes my way, be thankful for what I have, and when it's taken away, be glad for the time I had it. The people in my life are EVERYTHING.