Gratitude Attitude


This is a hard time of year for me. I’ve been coasting for a while thinking maybe it wouldn’t hit me this year, but oh, it has. I’ve had a lot of loss on all the holidays starting with Halloween through New Year’s Eve, the actual days—isn’t that weird? So I have to work extra hard to remember all the things I’m grateful for…because I truly am, whether I’m depressed or not. 

And you, along with my family, are at the top of that list.

I’m grateful to be doing what I love and to have people actually enjoying what I write. Or even hating it…it means they’re reading my work, which is still unbelievable to me.

I’m grateful for a warm house during the bitter cold, plenty of food to eat, and the coziest socks imaginable.

I’m grateful for a dog who has brought me so much joy with his unconditional love.

I’m grateful for books that can take me to other worlds in seconds flat and can give me a reprieve from the stress of my real world.

I’m grateful to have characters who come to mind and take over my thoughts until I write them down.

I’m grateful for all the kind people in my life. I think we can all say we have some not-so-kind people in our lives. Don’t the kind ones make a difference?! :) Goodness, they help, don’t they? Kindness matters.

Stay warm this season. Every day I will write in my calendar the things I am grateful for, and it will help me get through the extra grieving months. I hope this isn’t too heavy for a blog post. I figure if you’re still here, you want to hear my real thoughts, so thank you for listening and keep reading…it gets lighter the further down you scroll. :)



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