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I started 5,331 Miles back in 2015 and posted the first four chapters on Wattpad…then moved on to other books. I eventually continued writing for my newsletter and I’m so glad I did. Your input was so fun! Thanks to all of you who asked me to go back to this book. I should’ve done it sooner because I had so much fun writing it!



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We spent a lifetime chasing firefly dreams

Jaxson and I devised a life list when we were kids in Holmes Chapel. Just a few things on that list:

*Climb the Eiffel Tower.

*Visit every zoo in the world.

*Eat peanut butter every day.

But all the promises he made dissolved into dust, so when he comes around years later wanting to go live out our list, I want no part of it...or him. The universe seems to agree with me because everything we try is a disaster.

The heart though—it's a tricky beast; I'm just not sure mine is strong enough to survive Jaxson one more time.

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I force myself to stop staring at him and sit on my bed. Determined to not let him get to me, I lean against the headboard and pick up a book. He sits beside me and puts his chin on my shoulder. I jump up and he falls over.

“Why now, Jaxson? You’re acting as if no time has passed at all! You don’t get to march in here and act like…like everything is just as it was!” I’m pacing and waving my arms around like a crazy person. “It isn’t. We’re not friends anymore. You don’t know me anymore. I don’t know you. Our friendship,” I point back and forth between us, “was a very long time ago and it’s over now. Nothing is the same, Jaxson. Nothing.” My voice warbles at the end and I look at the ceiling, willing my eyes to stop watering.

He stands up and puts his hand on my arm, stopping me in my tracks. “Mirabelle,” he says softly, “it’s still you and me and it always will be. You can’t just forget all that we mean to one another.”

“You did,” I whisper.

“Never. I never forgot, I promise you that.”

He pulls me closer, brushing his fingers against my shoulder. I shiver and then get embarrassed that he’s able to see how much he affects me. His eyes are locked on mine, pulling me in. His hands clutch either side of my face and he moves closer. My eyes shut just as his lips touch mine.

For a minute, I lose myself in him. He groans and deepens the kiss. I grab his hair and kiss him the way I’ve dreamed of kissing him for so long. It feels even better than I remembered. His soft lips and tongue make my heart fall into my feet. I haven’t kissed him like this since…


The brakes screech for me. I pull away and punch him in the face.

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What readers are saying...

"The story of Mira and Jaxson was a complete whirlwind. The love and the heartache. The past and present reflections. These two give us one hell of a ride." ~ Lisa, Goodreads Reviewer

"Willow’s impeccable writing painted the perfect mental picture often making me feel as though I was watching the action play out in my head. I enjoyed this one so much." ~ Layne, Goodreads Reviewer

"5,331 is quite simply a wonderful look at the trials and tribulations of young love." ~ MJ, Goodreads Reviewer