Cover Reveal!

I’ve been so excited to share my cover with you!

TrueLoveStory AMAZON

 The painting “Saffo o dell'Amore” is by a lovely artist named Elena Cermaria. To see this painting in its original form and her other beautiful paintings, please click here: Elena Cermaria

My friend, Ken, an excellent photographer in his own right, found this painting online, but we couldn’t find the name anywhere — of the painting or the artist. He turned the painting upside down like this, which was perfect for the cover, and I knew I had to find the artist to get permission.

I’d fallen in love, after all.

FINALLY, I came across a name to the painting, googled and came across Elena on FACEBOOK. How crazy is that? And to make it even more fun — she’s from Italy! I took a chance and friend-requested her, gushing like a crazy person over her painting. A couple days later, there was the sweetest email from her giving me permission to use her painting.

From there, Sarah Hansen from okay creations, took the painting and worked her magic with getting the cover just right. I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time and was so happy with how this turned out.

It’s been a community effort, and I’m grateful to everyone who was involved along the way!