I got giddy this morning when I realized that my new book, In the Fields will be coming out in just three and a half weeks! September 10th! This project has been a labor of love for me. I started it long before True Love Story. YEARS before. It was before I ever read The Secret Life of Bees and before The Help came out. Until finding those gems, I wasn’t sure where the right fit for this book would be. I’ve still been a little befuddled on how I should label it because it’s different from those too. Is it Southern Literature? Southern Gothic? Southern Romance? A friend suggested Southern Drama and I think that sounds about right. I hope you’ll go with me on this different writing adventure. I’ll get back to some hot and steamy movie star or something, don’t worry. But this book is where my heart is and what comes naturally for me. A little jog back in time when everything seemed simpler and sweeter…but was it really?