Help me, Lucy

When the going gets tough, I hide. Hunker down and try to avoid any and everything. It’s impossible, with kids and a family, to get away with it too long, but I’ve done fairly well with my hibernation the last few months. Except for occasional trips~the Dallas and OC signings were AWESOME~I’ve managed to hibernate before winter even starts.

Today I’m forcing myself out of the fog. I’m sad about my mom. My father-in-law also passed away last week. I’m still grieving the friend who was like a brother who passed away last year. I’m just sad, period. But I’m gonna never come out of it if I don’t snap out of it soon. So here we go.

What do you do when you’re depressed? Usually I write, sing, force myself to be with my loves, exercise, take Vit D…I’m doing all but the writing right now, which makes me mighty cranky. Writing is my best medicine. So this little blogpost is me forcing myself to write. Aren’t you lucky? :)