So it’s like this… I’m really a shy person who functions better behind a computer screen or a pad of paper any day of the week…but put me in a room full of authors and readers, like at Book Bash a couple weeks ago, and I will try to force myself out of my shell. The good news: I love nice people. And there were loads of nice people at Book Bash. The bad news: I get splotchy and anxious. And want to hide. No matter what. The splotchy, anxious, want to hide part came as I was going down the elevator Friday night…headed down for the author meet and greet. I felt like I needed an inhaler all of a sudden. I needed about ten more layers of deodorant. I needed to step in a freezer for at least 4.2 minutes. Fortunately, everyone was so kind and perhaps dealing with their own splotchy/anxious/want to hide syndromes that I got over myself real quick. And I was able to completely enjoy the next day. There were so many people I’d hoped to meet from online messages and to see them in person was just as exciting to me as it seemed to be for them. It’s just weird to think that people would be so excited to meet a shy girl who functions better behind a computer screen or a pad of paper any day of the week…but believe me, I’m not gonna question it! I was just so grateful to be part of the whole thing. Maryse is as beautiful as I expected, inside and out. The authors were kind and the readers, oh my word, the readers…I could not love any of you any more than I already do. You have completely rocked my world and changed my life!!! I will probably be laying low the rest of the year. I will be going to NOLA next February, but I better stay close to home so I can finish these books!!! But, I look forward to the day that I can meet each and every one of you who have made such a difference in my life.