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Last Day! Review Tour Day 7

I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews so much! Thanks for being part of my review tour. Couldn’t do this whole book thing without you. Well, I could, but it would just be me holed away writing and then just me reading it…not even half as much fun! Probably for the best when it comes down to the early books I wrote that never saw the light of day…

I’m so grateful for bloggers and readers who have welcomed me into this literary world. Authors, too, have been so kind and supportive. Thanks for that.

Today’s blogs are:

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Review Tour Day 6

Oh my word, the goodness just keeps on coming. Thanks again, Lustful Literature for putting this tour together!

Today’s blogs are:

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Sammie’s Book Club, for book lovers~

Hooked on Books/Fictional Mens Room for Book Ho’s~

2 Friends, promote your books with us~

Review Tour Day 5

Thanks for joining me this week! It’s been fun. So grateful to all of you who read my books and take that extra step to write a review. I know it takes a little extra doing…it means a lot. And the reviews this week~well, they’ve blown me away. Thank you.

Today’s blogs are:

Booze, Bookz, and Bad Boyz~

Hesperia Loves Books~

Stories and Swag~

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In the Fields Review Tour Continues...

The review tour continues! :) It’s always such a humbling experience to see what people think about your heart…that’s what writing is for me, sharing a little (usually a lot) of my heartbeat. So thank you…I appreciate every blog who has taken the time to read my book and share their thoughts.

Today’s blogs are:
Her Juicy Reads~

Stephanie’s Book Reports~

The Readiacs~

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In the Fields Review Tour

I’d like to especially thank the girls from Lustful Literature for putting the review tour together. Thanks so much to all the blogs doing this review tour! I appreciate every word, every amount of time given toward this book. Thank you! xo

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Today’s reviews can be found here:

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