Writing Talk

Spring Fever Writing

So it seems that every time I start a book, three other ideas pile on top of that one. I have one at 52,460 words, one at 4,376, one at 3,900, and one at 1,567.   And wouldn’t you know it, the one I feel the most passionately about is the one at 1,567 words. Well, that could change on any given day, but today, that’s the one I can’t stop thinking about. My writing has spring fever. It’s been cooped up far too long, while I’ve been doing the fun things: blog interviews, a book signing here and there, talking with nice people all over the world, shipping books, etc. It’s been truly wonderful. But when I finally settle down long enough to do the actual thing I’m supposed to be doing—writing—it’s like playing catch-up after being out sick from school for two weeks. Thoughts are ping-boom-popping all over the place and I’m rushing to catch it all. And I love every minute of it. I’ve written for years and years, done the query thing, been rejected, blah-de-blah, and I had finally settled in with being just fine if no one ever read a word. I can honestly say I was content to just keep writing for the joy it brings me. But, WOW, this world of people reading my book and actually liking it, I can’t even tell you…it’s been 3 ½ months now and I still just can’t even get over it. I’m beyond grateful, I’m humbled, I’m ecstatic, I’m in shock…well, you get the idea. I’m a basket case. So thank you. Thank you for taking it over the top for me. Okay, gotta go write. And I’ll behave and work on the 52,460 words one…

Signing and W.B.T.

Just came home from the Boston book signing. I wasn’t participating as an author, but enjoyed all the fun, nonetheless. So fun to finally put some faces with the names. I love how passionate everyone is about books. I feel the exact same way. I think my first signing will be in Minneapolis in May! Really excited about this! I’ll give you more details later, but just wanted to start spreading the word now. Over on my FB Willow page, I asked how many didn’t get W.B.T. in True Love Story. I’d like to ask that on here too~ who didn’t get it? What does it mean to you?