Starry Skies and Fireflies

Are you enjoying your summer? I decided since last summer I spent most of my days trying to finish Fade to Red, this summer I would take a break. I've had the best time with my kids and we've done a little bit of traveling, as well as lazy days at home.

But of course, the stories don't necessarily stop just because you want to take a break. I'm faced again with that constant dilemma: BALANCE.

As much as I want to master a healthy balance in my life, I can't seem to get it! I either go too far into slacking, or I work non-stop like a maniac, or I obsess about all that isn't getting done and work on all the wrong things...

How do you do it? I need a method to my madness. I want to look out at the night sky and see those stars and the dancing fireflies flying past me, but I also want a clean house, happy kids/husband/friends/family, and my career to be thriving.

If you've figured it out, please fill me in...