Media Update

Thanks so much for voting! I made it through to the 2nd round. Whew. Nice, exciting start to the week! :D And if you would be so inclined, here’s the link to vote this week:

In other news, I’m part of NaNoWriMo this month, along with 294,934 other people…seriously, that’s how many have taken on this challenge…and writing has never felt harder. I went into it all geared up. Plenty of ideas. A plan. And besides getting sick and having umpteen other *surprises* come my way this month, I’ve just been more stuck than usual. Fortunately, I have 19 days to get my act together!

Over on the FB page, I’ve been in a picture kind of mood. I found an Isaiah I think you’ll like. And of course, there are a few selections for Ian. *Thunk.* Prone to passing out when I look at a certain one…

And I’m trying, I’m really trying, to do better with Twitter. I still feel like I’m at the back of the class, trying to see the chalkboard and failing when I log on. I’ll get there, hopefully. ;)

Happy Monday! Go hug your dog and your lover. Not in that order, obviously!